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About us

Our Music


Spring fling




The Quaboag Highlanders are a true testament to the spirit of community. Their one-of-a-kind  performances never disappoint and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to    march alongside this group of exceptional entertainers many times during my career  as state legislator.”

State Senator, Stephen M. Brewer

The Quaboag Highlanders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the performance  and promotion of Celtic music.  Our band’s instruments includes Bagpipes and Scottish Drums. (Double click on instrument to find out more about it)

Our band consists of people from all walks of life with ages ranging from 8 to 80.   Our primary focus has always been the music but over the years the social aspect  has also become very important. We are a family band who not only enjoys playing  music together but also enjoys playing. Whether it's bowling, pool volleyball, attending  concerts, or a simple cook out, we enjoy the benefits of a large, extended family.

There are a variety of musical abilities within our band and we make every effort to include the beginner to the experienced in all performances. All members are taught  from within the band free of charge. Members are free to participate in as many events as their time allows.  Founded in 2003, the Quaboag Highlanders continue  to grow, teach, perform, and have a great deal of fun.

We participate in many community events in our area and beyond. We do not charge  a fee for charitable or Veterans events. You may see us marching in the BIG parades  but you'll also find us at cancer benefits, memorial ceremonies, or other special activities.

   In three words we are about is MUSIC, FRIENDSHIP, and FAMILY.